CFO Advisory Services

Service Summary

In today’s economy, strategic financial planning and business agility has become the responsibility of the Chief Financial Officer. It is no longer enough for the CFO to manage accounting, treasury and tax matters. Small business and global business alike now expect the CFO to help drive performance, provide insightful analytics and use data to develop strategy.

The modern CFO must be able to navigate complex business risks, changing technology, and global challenges in an opportunistic manner. CFO Advisory services can support Business Owners and Managers to cope with demanding transformations and build their capacity to respond positively to change.

How can we help?

Small to medium businesses need the expertise of a CFO, but rarely have access to this level of expertise due to financial constraints or market restrictions. Hotchkin Hughes can provide the expertise of a CFO when and how you need it, without the costs and risks.

Our approach covers

AUDIT & Evaluating ‘Products & Services’</p

Assessing business capabilities

Analysis of target markets

Strategy & implementation

Cash flow planning and review

KPI development & reporting

Analysis of changes affecting your business

THe what

An experienced and professional CFO Advisory service will help enhance the performance of your business and partner with you when, and how, you need them. An external advisor is able to keep ahead of market trends and fluctuations, regulatory obligations and technology that can make or break a business.

THe why

The modern CFO is equipped to meet more than operational objectives and in a competitive employment market, a CFO could command a salary upwards of $170, 000 p/a. For many small to medium businesses this cost is simply out of reach. A CFO Advisor is able to offer SME’s an ‘on-demand’ financial management and strategic planning service in the form of a business partnership. This guarantees business owners and managers a cost efficient, tailored and dedicated solution in a challenging market.

THe how

By partnering with Hotchkin Hughes CFO Advisory team, business owners and managers can be guaranteed their Advisor is putting their company first, providing expert advice and delivering a cost effective service.

  • We help organisations road map their transformation and create financial efficiencies by providing tailored services designed to meet your specific operational requirements.
  • Finance responsibilities such as cash flow, budget management, taxation, payroll processing, debtor and creditor management, commercial management, business analysis, database management, board reports.
  • Leading the conduct of due diligence activities in acquisition considerations, including: analysis of past performance, valuation calculations, financial and system analysis; special integration actions; and ongoing monitoring of change management.

Human Resources allocation and management; KPI development and management, developing employee financial targets.

THe who

Hotchkin Hughes provides CFO Advisory services to clients throughout Melbourne. Please contact us to find out how we can help you achieve your goals.